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The Wiggs'
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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sam's Social Worker came by last night to check on him.  I didn't crazy clean cause I didn't think she'd do a walk through or anything.  Well, she even looked in the fridge and in the Garage!  I feel horrible cause she noted "cat litter scattered on the kitchen and beer bottles in the garage" even though those are both places sam is not allowed to go un supervised.

So I guess we need to work on cleaning the house up better.  Which is hard while also learning how to handle a toddler.  I hope she doesn't think bad of us for it.

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  1. Congratulations on your little Sam. Fun times!!! :)

    They won't take a child from you because of a little mess!! Don't fret over that!!!!!

    I always cleaned like a freak every single time a SW was coming to my house. I am just like that and always wanted them to think the very best of me.
    Don't think it mattered much, as they were just happy that the kids were well cared for and happy. But, it made me more comfortable when they were here in my home. I was nervous enough wondering what Jackson or Delaney would do or say, as they were very unpredictable and critical of others, that I didn't need any other reason to be nervous. :)

    I had a good relationship with my kids' SW and the more she came the easier it was.

    If I can give you one piece of advice...get on your SW good side. It makes a huge difference. You want SW to like you. They have a hard, emotional job and I made a point to thank my SW often for what she was doing to help foster children in general and my children. (As a matter a fact I text her out of the blue on Thursday to thank her again for protecting my children.) Burn-out in SW runs high so the more encouraging we, as foster parents, can give them the better. Foster children need for SW to hang around so they don't have to start over and over with a new SW. It is just another loss for them every time a SW quits their job. SW can't accept gifts but a kind word goes a long way for all of us. :)Just a few thoughts, not on the house cleaning subject, just something to consider.

    Congrats, again!!! Happy for you.


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