The Wiggs'

The Wiggs'
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I think I can eat off my kitchen floor now

Sense Monday (3 days) we have:

Vacuumed living room, hall, and Sam's room 3x (once including moving all furniture)
Re arranged the electronics in the living room (computer desk and TV stand)
re arranged the book shelves in the living room
removed 3 boxes of comics and game books that have say in the corner of the living room for the last 6 years
picked up toys a billion time (ok about 4 or 5 time)
scrubbed the hall bathroom from top to bottom
removed the glass doors from the bathtub
moved the cat litter from the kitchen to the master bathroom
re arranged Sam's room
Scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom
moved the booze from the shelf to above the fridge
mopped the kitchen and hall bathroom floor 3x each
Scheduled a carpet cleaner to come shampoo the living room and hall carpet.

We have used
a gallon of concentrated Bleach
2 full boxes of Carpet refresh powder
a can of Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner
large bottle of 409
3 magic erasers
8 30 gallon trash bags

And the house was clean to start with, by my standards.

I had a lot of help from Ashley.  He did the bathroom mostly and helped with everything else too.  The things he'll do to keep Sam.  If Sam wasn't at stake, I probably would be trying to do it all myself.

I sent these photos to our social worker and she said she was impressed with the improvements!
I forgot to take some before photos... but here's the after:

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  1. Good work, it's hard to keep up with cleaning and a toddler.


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