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The Wiggs'
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sam will have a permanent home by Christmas.

Well, we’re one step closer to being Sam’s forever family. Or we're just one step away from losing him forever.

Wens, I get a text from his social worker saying he had a visit with his bio grandparents and that she wanted to stop by afterwards.  So I got the house ship shape for her and my social worker who also came over.  They said the house looked great, but of course it still smells faintly of cat pee in the hall.  (We have a spot in the hallway that one of the cats goes on repeatedly).  They also wanted us to think about the adoption option.  They were ready to staff for his forever home- “staff” means interviews and determining who would get him by a panel of workers, If I remember right, his panel will be of his SW, his GAL (lawyer) and a juvenile court person.  Normally in my county, by the time a child is free for adoption, he’s been in the same home for more than 9 months.  In those cases, the “staffing” would be the team deciding if the current home would be best, without looking at any other families (unless they say the current home isn’t a right fit).  But sense we’ve only had him 2 months, we don’t get preferential choice.  That means that they sent his profile out to the other waiting adoptive families and will chose between any interested.  Two other families responded.  So the Team has to choose between the 3 of us.  If we had decided we didn’t want to adopt him, we would have been ON the team to decide (as current care givers).

Today his SW texted that the staffing will be on December 9th.   What we’ll have to do is to talk to the team in an informal interview and they will read over our home study.  They will do the same with each of the families.  IF we are not picked, we WILL get a gradual transition where there will be visits between us and the new family, etc.  I would assume they would want Sam for Christmas, which makes sense. They will have a pick by 5pm.

So we’re going to panic for the next few weeks.  At least we’ll also have the other baby to consol us if we lose Sam.


  1. I will be thinking of your family in these upcoming weeks. I hope Sam will find a perminate home with you and your family. Good luck.

    ~Jemms (WebMD)~

  2. Been following your journey and hope Sam will be your forever child:) And can't wait to "meet" your Christmas baby!
    Also wanted to add that we have 2 cats and one is elderly and he tends to pee everywhere. Don't know if you've tried it, but aluminum foil in the spot the cat pees in will deter him from peeing in a particular spot. (just have to pick up before picky SW comes;)

  3. Elizabeth- What about if we have a cat that likes to eat foil? Weird cats, I know :P


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